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Kyoto Institute of Technology
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
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Dr. Eng., Professor
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Kyoto Institute of Technology (KIT)
Matsugasaki, Sakyo, Kyoto, 606-8585, Japan

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Research Interests
Phase-field simulations for various phenomena
* Dendrite Growth
* Dendrite Growth of Binary Alloy
* Directional Solidification
* Adaptive FE Simulation During Directional Solidification
* 3-D Dendrite Growth
* Spherulite Growth of Polymer
* Thin Film Morphology
* Self-Assembled Quantum Dots
* Austenite to Ferrite Transtormation
* Static Recrystallization
* Dynamic Recrystallization
* Phase-Field-Crystal Method
* Phase-Field Topology Optimization


Special Issue
  1. Special Issue on Advances in Modeling and Evaluation of Materials in Honor of Professor Tomita
    International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, Vol.52, 2010/02, 117-398.
    Editorial Board, T. Takaki, K. Yashiro, S. Reid.

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Four Seasons of KIT Campus

Oct. 2009, from Daimonji-mountain

End of Nov. 2008: KIT campus, Kinkaku-ji, Kamo-river

Nov. 2008: KIT campus, Arashiyama, Kamo-river

Aug. 2008: KIT campus

May. 12 2008: KIT campus and Kamo-river

Jun. 13 2009: KIT campus

April 2008: Kamo-river and KIT campus

Feb. 2 2008: KIT campus