Provided Services

  • CIS account

    You need a CIS account in order to use the CIS services, such as e-mail, internet, printing, and so on. It differs by degrees or positions as below. Check and refer to each points.

    • domain (For Students)
    • domain (For Faculty/staff members)
    • Course Guest Account
  • E-mail

    If you are Full-time faculty members, you can use email services.
    However if you are non-full time faculty or staff member, you need to complete the Information Literacy Guidance and pass the quiz to make the E-mail services available

    • E-mail Setup
    • How to Filter Spam mails
    • Mailinglist
  • Shared Facilities

    Computing facilities available for students and faculty staffs are listed as below.

    • Shared Computers
    • Shared Printers
    • Large Format Printing
    • Front-end Server
  • KITnet(Wi-Fi & Wired Networking on campus)

    Campus network called “KITnet” provides the services below.

    • Wired Network
    • Wireless Network
    • Virtual Private Network(VPN)
  • Web Publishing

    Those who have CIS account can publish their own website.

    • Virtual Web Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server(VPS) Hosting

    When one physical server is converted into multiple virtual servers, they help to maximize the server resources, and each server can then run multiple operating systems and applications.

  • Video Conference System

    Video Conference System allows remote team mates to see each other as if they were in the same office. The buildings where lectures will be held such as Center Hall, 60th Anniversary Hall, and Lecture Hall have the system with its 1080p Full-HD.